Geothermal Hot Mineral Water

These ancient springs have been kept as a sacred place for as long as history recalls. Paleo hunters and mastodons once roamed the hot marshes here. Descendants of the ancient hunters, the Zuni, Hopi, and the Pueblo Dwellers also used them. The Apache was the last tribe to occupy this area. Geronimo himself bathed here for a week, and it is said that it was the only time he was ever unarmed. Stories and legends are plentiful about the seven sacred springs and their powers. Perhaps after a few soaks you'll understand the healing power of the waters.

Here is a chemical analysis of the geothermal mineral water underlying the downtown Historic Bathhouse District of Truth or Consequences, NM.

Ag - Silver 0.001
Au - Gold 0.050
Al - Aluminium 0.050
Ar - Arsenic 0.050
B - Boron 0.250
Ba - Barium 0.200
Br - Bromine 2.600
Ca - Calcium 163.00
Cd - Cadmium 0.001
Cl - Chloride 1360.00
Co - Cobalt 0.002
Cr - Chromium 0.002
Cs - Cesium 0.120
Cu - Copper 0.002
F - Fluoride 3.060
Fe - Iron 0.020
Total dissolved solids: 2696.5 (salts)